Save resources, save the future

The family business SCHEMBERG is specialized in producing shop fixtures for more than 85 years. Since the beginning, fairness, rationality, development and acting with sound judgement were deciding factors in decisions. 

To be a growing, profitable business with solvency and profit maximization in the long-term, SCHEMBERG prioritises acting with sustainability in mind, as well as steadily increasing the quality of services. Lowering the use of resources or optimizing waste processes help the environment and saves unnecessary costs. SCHEMBERG observes, reviews and rates the impacts of their activities and products and implements fitting changes to minimize the environmental impact and waste of resources. This includes to inform and tutor our employees, to make sure, they know how to make the most quality insuring and environmental friendly decisions. Every employee at SCHEMBERG has the obligation to accomplish these economic, environmental and social goals.

As dynamic company, SCHEMBERG expands these goals continuously, because only through ongoing changes on all products, the needs of clients can be satisfied long-term – and all of that under the motto of being sustainable. SCHEMBERG especially cares about protecting the environment.

Therefore SCHEMBERGs orientation on sustainability comes from the “Three pillar model of sustainable developing”:

“Sustainability is the concept of a permanent futureproof development of the economic, environmental and social dimensions of human existence. These three pillars of sustainability are depending on each other and are in need of long-term balanced coordination. “

Enquete-Commision of the German Parliament Bundestag | Protection of Humanity and Environment.


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