Digitalization and Broadband expansion at SCHEMBERG

On Wednesday, 27.02.2019, the Infomobil of the Federal Broadband Office (FBO) visited SCHEMBERG as part of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure's Breitband @ SME information campaign. Background of the campaign is to find out which significance broadband expansion has for companies and how it supports digitization in companies - what has changed and what has improved as a result.


Federal broadband office: You offer, among other things, digital-based store construction concepts, such as the integration of touchscreens or augmented reality applications. These concepts are particularly suitable for the shops of which industries?

Carsten Schemberg: Digitalization affects all industries because it is a technology that affects all areas of daily life more or less. Whether and how a retailer digitizes their business depends on many factors: The product, the positioning of the brand, the customer loyalty concept, the unique selling point, etc. Digitization at the point of sale is one of many ways to stage the product and the brand in such a way that the customer can recognize and evaluate the advantages and differences of the products. SCHEMBERG therefore plans and develops "digital value-added concepts" that fit the target group and the product.


FOB: What significance does broadband expansion have for your company?

Schemberg: Due to the expansion of broadband in Mettingen and in our second location in Ibbenbüren, we have a secure networking, use the ERP system to control our warehouse and use apps quickly and efficiently. Our employees can now work much more easily and store data collected by the customer online immediately. Broadband expansion ensures faster data exchange between us and our customers or suppliers. Large digital designs in the form of CAD drawings as well as presentations or films of shops can finally be transferred quickly.


FOB: How will store design develop in the future in combination with digitalization? What new concepts will be possible?

Schemberg: There will be local shops. Quite a few will focus on personal contact with the customer and will limit digitization to payment techniques. The customer can already be scanned, order tailor-made garments online, try garments virtually in mirrors, try glasses online, etc. But the more life becomes technology-driven, the more focus is put on human contact and personal experience. If the purchase is cheerless, joyless and oppressive, the customer will rather have everything delivered. If the customer has the opportunity to discover, to taste, to browse, to experience and is treated in an atmospheric environment, he will more likely go shopping stationary in the future. The retail sector will continue to change as a result of digitalization, but has already made a long way ahead with digitization compared to other areas of life. This was largely due to the early "external pressure" from Amazon or Ebay, for example, which has forced retailers to act much earlier than other areas of daily life.


FOB: Please complete the sentence: Digitization means for us ...

Schemberg: ... To be present on the global map.

... To be directly connected to all customers.

... That every employee can access the information needed to meet customer requests anytime and anywhere.

... No more paper collections, paperless office and paperless manufacturing.

(Source: Breitbandbüro des Bundes)

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