Carpenter’ s guild Ruhr visited SCHEMBERG

The Theodor Schemberg Einrichtungen GmbH welcomed 20 members of the carpenter’ s guild Ruhr.

The 20 members of the carpenter´s guild arrived Friday morning at the Theodor Schemberg Einrichtungen GmbH in Mettingen, Germany. 

The management board of SCHEMBERG welcomed the guild members with coffee, drinks and snacks in the prepared meeting room. The participants took a seat and listened carefully to Carsten Schemberg’ s presentation of the Theodor Schemberg Einrichtungen GmbH.

Carsten Schemberg started his presentation with the company portfolio. Moreover, he showed in detail impressive reference projects by SCHEMBERG, which inspired the listeners. He continued with a glimpse at the HR management and the apprenticeship concept of SCHEMBERG. Furthermore he presented the different software programs, which are used in the company. Carsten Schemberg relaxed the situation with short anecdotes to keep the attention of the listeners.

Carsten Schemberg invited the guild members for a company visit after the presentation. The members listened carefully to Schemberg, while he led the group through the company. He explained the work processes of the administration and the factory, stated how the machines are working, mentioned the logistic processes and answered all questions of the visitors in detail.

The participants were impressed and thrilled and thanked Carsten Schemberg with a present, before they continued their guild excursion.

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