Custom-made luxury furniture in Australia


In addition to a new country, Maximilian Otte was also able to get to know how to work on solid luxury furniture. Just over five weeks have now passed since he arrived in down under. Now he is back in Germany. Packed with new experiences and a lot of adventures. During his trip abroad, Maximilian Otte worked in a carpentry specialized in luxury furniture, 30 kilometers from Sydney.

True to the motto "shopfitting is a lot, but never boring" Mr. Otte has learned a lot. After all, eight-meter shelves are not made daily of massive American oak. In addition to the enormous height, shelf floors with a length of 3.5 meters were also installed. 

Maximilian Otte is very happy that he took the chance and is grateful for the opportunity to make new and valuable experiences. During his preparation for the upcoming adventure, Mr. Otte was particularly concerned about one issue: Speaking with his boss and colleagues. "But the language was not a problem for me. In addition, my boss, Mr. Kopiec, was German, so talking in German was an opportunity. "– said the trainee. With only 4 employees in the Australian company, everyone had to know every process and everyone was capable of doing every task.  In any case, there was no lack of know-how. 

The apprentices were not the only ones impressed by the program. The management department and HR department are also more than satisfied with the result. "Apprentices come back with completely new experiences and ideas. As a company, you can only benefit from this.” explained Kirstin Rakers.

SCHEMBERG will continue to promote foreign training programs in the future.


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