E-Biker Laufenburg: Bicycle Shopping Experience

SCHEMBERG planned and realized E-Bike experience world

In total, the two-story building covers an area of 5000sqm. The upper floor is let to a gym. In the basement, e-biker presents a comprehensive range of e-bikes and accessories on a sales area of 800sqm. With an area of 2.300sqm, the warehouse and an open repair shop with a glass front complete the offer.

The sales room is divided into different bicycle worlds, which are based on the different e-bike types: E-mountain bikes, e-trekking and city bikes, e-racing bikes and cargo bikes.

180 e-bikes are presented on concrete and pine wood platforms. The aim was to present only selected models on the exhibition area and to present them significantly.  

In each zone, there are walls for accessories such as bags, locks, handlebars and clothing. The accessories are sorted according to manufacturer. Spots highlight selected e-bikes. Around 15 e-bikes “float“over the individual zones on white, u-shaped, suspended steel beams.

“We wanted to transfer the feeling of riding an electric bike through nature to the store“, says Benedikt Starke, interior designer at Theodor Schemberg Einrichtungen GmbH and responsible for the store design of e-biker.

In contrast to “nature-related“ elements – decorative birch trunks, green carpets and artificial plants, backlit industrial glass, color-changing LED ribbons and white steel beams, which run through the entire store in long lines and u-shapes, symbolize the theme of “energy.“

A symbiosis of “energy“ and “nature“ can be found in a material mix of pine wood and concrete, which were alternately used for the presentation platforms.

The regional proximity to the Black Forest also played a major role in the concept.

Eye catcher are large images behind the bicycles, which show the mountain landscape and nature around the city of Laufenburg.

The images also serve as orientation in the store and guide the customer through the individual bicycle worlds.

Olfactory stimulations are intended to remind the customer of an excursion into the countryside as soon as he enters. The room fragrances change depending on the season. The scents include grass and forest compositions.

“The customer should experience the purchase of an e-bike with all his senses“says Florian Strasser, branch manager of e-biker.

“The consulting the customers was in focus, when designing the concept because e-bikes are highly complex products. “, explains interior designer Benedikt Starke. The five consulting zones are equipped with LED frames whose lighting mood can be adjusted at any time.

After completion of the purchase, it takes about a week for the customer to pick up his e-bike. Starke: “The pickup should be an event. “The “Your Bike!“ zone was specially designed for this purpose.

A suspended ceiling of artificial flowers highlights the area in the store. The purchased bicycle float on a white steel beam and can be taken home from there.

A highlight in the store is the 400sqm indoor test track in a large hall on the ground floor. Customers can try out the bicycles of various terrains.


Source: Imke Hahn, stores + shops.


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