ECOPROFIT: SCHEMBERG successfully recertified

On March 15, 2018, companies from the district of Steinfurt were honored for the ninth time with the popular ECOPROFIT award. At the event, representatives of the companies were invited to the TAT Rheine, Hovesaatstraße 6, to celebrate the successes of the present companies.

Nine of sixteen companies have been awarded for the first time, presented by country commissioner Dr. Klaus Effing and North Rhine-Westphalia minister Christina Schulze Föcking. Seven companies were recertified on this evening.

„SCHEMBERG has been recertified for the fifth time and is now looking back to an intensive and successful project work. SCHEMBERG is grateful for the exchange of experiences and the great results achieved and realized during this project. ECOPROFIT offers companies new perspectives. Together activities for saving resources will be created and realized. Processes will be analyzed to discover savings. You get a better overview about details, because even the smallest measures are important for a good project ending. SCHEMBERG will work enthusiastically and successfully according to the principle ´protect resources and save the future´."

The ECOPROFIT project, promoted by the ministry of environment of North Rhine-Westphalia, supports companies to reveal and optimize savings and reduce costs. This offers companies the opportunity to save costs and resources permanently.

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