A piece of New York in Frechen - Reopening Robert Ley

Ley's Loft is a sustainable and urban fashion store concept that inspires and invites customers to linger.

An absolute alternative to the online world. Young customers meet in their Ley's community and enjoy shopping in their fashion world.

Even the spacious and inviting entrance area of "Ley's Loft" makes the viewer curious about what awaits him inside.

A fifteen-meter-long theme wall made of backlit textile frames showing the skyline of New York and letting customers dive into an urban, surreal world. This wall simulates a large window front and gives customers the feeling of looking over New York and experiencing the "American way of life".
Optically high-quality materials such as stone, wood and metal present the store in a visually high quality manner. The dominant color gold, which is used on different furniture and surfaces tops off the exclusive concept perfectly. Customers experience a sustainable flair due to walls with real green plants, which create a certain feel-good atmosphere.

All products are excellently initiated by SCHEMBERG´s planned and developed lighting concept. Color-changing LED-lit glass frames under the ceiling and on the walls create a vibrant feeling inside the store.

On the opposite side, the young people dive into a cool gaming world. On comfortable loungers, they can play video games on screens attached on the ceiling.

Multi-sensory marketing, such as visual highlights in form of large screens and easy-to-use tablets, the scent of fresh plants and hip music highlight the special features of the store concept.


The community meet for fresh drinks and snacks in the Ley's Loft Lounge area. The big screen invites you to linger. Customers can experience the latest fashion trends together with Ley's team or friends and enjoy the view of the skyline of New York in Frechen.

The store concept planned and implemented by SCHEMBERG has succeeded in inspiring Ley's customers and immersing them inside a world of experience that stimulates fashion shopping at the point of sale.

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