SCHEMBERG meets heimtextil

Interview between Ms. Pilger and Mr. Küper

Ms. Pilger: Mr. Küper, you recently visited the fair “heimtextil” in Frankfurt a.M. in Germany. How was it?

It was my first time at the “heimtextil” in Frankfurt a.M. You get lots of input and impressions to take home. It’s a must for shopfitters! The world comes together and you get in contact with the international, as well as the home market. It is amazing to interact with companies, such as Kadeco, Sanders or MAZ, which are located right next to us, but also with companies from foreign countries.


Ms. Pilger: That sounds like a great fair! What was your personal highlight?

As I already mentioned, the fair itself was a highlight. But what I liked most must have been the interactions and the innovations. The world develops faster and faster and almost everything is going to be digitalized. Even we as shopfitters, with wood as our main material, have to push ourselves into the process of rethinking. A good example is the Digital Signage. Content can be prepared and updated quickly without much effort.


Ms. Pilger: When you hear “heimtextil” you first think of fabrics and clothes. Can you tell us what a shopfitter is looking for at this particular fair?

When selling fabrics its all about the presentation. Products are sold at the POS. It is our challenge to create an entertainment world so that the customer is feeling good and in need of buying the product.


Ms. Pilger: How do you see your chances of becoming more present for shops selling home textiles?

It is about the product presentation at the POS. It is important to stand out and put emphasis on their own products. Therefore you need intelligent displays and small entertainment worlds regarding shop in shop systems to convince customers.


Ms. Pilger: What do you mean by shop in shop systems?

A shop that sells textiles has to be flexible today. The systems have to be created for permanent quick collection changes. It is not only about selling products anymore. It is about selling a good feeling; about making the customer experience shopping.


Ms. Pilger: Is it even possible for a shop selling textiles to get this done?

With us, yes (giggles)! No, seriously, it’s a fact that there is a lot of work behind all this and we want to update our clients continuously. SCHEMBERG is not only a carpentry. We are professional shopfitters and know the business. Therefore we offer True Life Logistics, Assembly and After Sales Services. Our clients can focus on their special field, we do the rest for them.


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