SCHEMBERG meets spoga+gafa

Interview between Ms. Meyer and Mr. Küper

Ms. Meyer: Mr. Küper, you have been to the garden fair “spoga+gafa” in September in Cologne. Which garden innovations and trends have been interesting for you?

Here is garden home” was the slogan of the fair and the 2032 exhibitors met the motto perfectly. I have seen garden innovations and ideas from 57 different countries. The provided new furniture, but also full garden conception. I have even found interesting products for our customized shopfitting solutions and made contact with german and foreign sales representatives.


Ms. Meyer: What was your personal highlight?

The diverse multi culture was impressive and inspiring. There have been 39.000 people from 106 countries all over the world. In my personal opinion the “boulevard of ideas” was a highlight. Product innovations have been presented in event manner. This provides you an overview of all exhibitors and innovations. The diverse presentations of the portfolios concerning the demonstration of the garden trends with shopfitting solutions were really interesting.


Ms. Meyer: On which topic was the fair focused this years?

The focus was definitely on the topic that the garden becomes more and more to an outdoor living space. You spend more time outdoors and therefore you but high emphasis on the perfect fitting. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the perfect furniture or the accurate BBQ equipment. Every detail is important.


Ms. Meyer: You do not really combine garden trends and plants with shopfitting. Can you tell us what a shopfitter is looking for on a garden fair?

The selling of garden products is about the best presentation of products and services...and this is the task of SCHEMBERG. Creating a little garden entertainment world in the store of our clients, where the customers are feeling good and experience the need of changing their own garden or balcony.


Ms. Meyer: Mr. Küper, how does a modern product presentation looks like in shop fitting?

The shop is one of the most important points of communication with the customer and the brand. It is all about surprising the customer in a small created entertainment world and to put the focus on the products. The interior has to perfectly fit the products and the philosophy of the manufacturer.

Garden is a green and natural element and therefore sustainability plays an essential role concerning the shopfitting conception.


Ms. Meyer: What is SCHEMBERG’s opinion regarding sustainability?

Since the foundation of the family-owned company, fairness, development, rationality and sustainability play important roles concerning the production of shopfittings. We optimize the consumption of resources to protect the environment. We try to keep the ecological damage as low as possible.

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