SCHEMBERG planned and realized bicycle experience world

It is a sunny day. Bernd Stenger feels the cold wind in his face. He is on a mountainbiketour through the Hösbacher forest.
As he spotted a meadow area, he directly knows: I like it to build my second bicycle store here. Bernd Stenger brakes strongly. Stones and branches fly away from his rear wheel. This fictitious idea formed the template for the store design of the new headquarters in Hösbach explains Benedikt Starke, interior designer by SCHEMBERG and responsible for the interior design from Zweirad Stenger.

Stenger wanted to visualize the dynamics of cycling together with his shop fitting partner in his 1200sqm shop on two floors. He said that he had a little bike store in Hösbach but he could never really live out his energy there. The planning an construction phase took two years. The impressive glass facade was designed by the architect office Albert Franz. Stenger is now largest dealer of the brand „Specialized“ in Europe. 

“Industrial-Style” outweighs in the Stenger store design. Starke mentions: "The industrial style is to be based on an old industrial hall: We work on bikes here.” A reinforced concrete stairs with wooden steps leads the way up to the top floor. Brick wall wallpaper, an industrial ground floor made of magnesite, lots of metal – the industrial look is consistently implemented in the store. Some walls were intentionally left in their original condition to visually support the storytelling of the shop. 

Interior, colours and decorations change dynamically in the store. The store design is based on industrial chic with simple anthracite and wood tones, reds and the greenery set color accents. Widespread textile prints with bicycling motive create an atmosphere. The red partition wall is formed like an ‘S’ which stands for Stenger. It is on the left hand side and connects the two areas. This provides for a dynamic impression. The red wall divides the sales area from the in-house repair shop in the first floor. In front of the partition wall is a 

 remarkable black cash desk. Stenger puts emphasis on energy saving LED lights concept with black ceiling spotlights and accent lights. 

High quality bikes are presented on pedestals. The shop planners developed for every two-wheel type a special goods presenter. Mountain bikes are standing on a pedestal made of pallets for example. Road bikes on artificial grass. Bikes, helmets, gloves and other equipment are present on wood-paneled ‘Slat- Walls’ and hanger shelves. The highlight in the store is the arrivals area on the rear wall on the first floor. The wheel to be picked up is standing on a pedestal and is illuminated effectively. The core products comprise mainly racing and triathlon bikes. Additionally there are E-Bikes and children ́s bicycles on the first floor and city bicycles and mountain bikes on the top floor for sale. 

There is also a shop in shop system of the E-Bikes manufacturer ‘Riese+Müller’ in store. With the strongly growing E-Bike segment Stenger realized a sales share about 70 percent in his store. 

As service facilities for his customers, Stenger installed a little café on the top floor. The wood for the counter came from an old barn. Stenger: "I like that all cycling enthusiasts come together here, from managers to students.” The customers can buy coffee and soft drinks or daily fresh treats from Mrs. Stenger. 

Stenger sees the future of the bicycle trade in the stationary sector. A bicycle has to be adapted to the needs and wishes of the customer. Stenger : "There are only a few online orders, the customers like it to have a stationary service and a individually composed bike.” 

In the course of the year, additional services will be added to the existing offering. For example a 3D- measuring room to help the customer to a perfectly adapted bike. A 24-hours box is planned in which customers can return their bike for repair or similar. When the bike is ready the customer gets a message and he can pick up his bike again. 


Source: Imke Hahn, stores + shops.

Photographs: Schemberg/Reinhard Rosendahl

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