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Experience more in the world of brands

Shop-in-Shop systems offer big opportunities and risks. Multisensory experience of the sales room, testing the goods there, meeting with the seller and other customers or special events like a demonstration or a tasting – all these things cannot be offered by an online shop. More and more brands take this opportunity to increase sales numbers and create their own brand experience world at the POS.

Michael Becher, sales manager of the POS Company in Langenfeld explains: “A Shop-in-Shop system opens new conceptual possibilities. It can make it much easier, more extensive and more sustainable to create a brand experience that way in comparison to a secondary placement. The range of tools for companies to present products attractively and involve shoppers interactively is wide. It starts with product information and testing products, using trained staff and gamification, up to the option of taking the purchased product home right away or the delivery to the store.”

The shop fitting company Schemberg is an expert in Shop-in-Shop systems. The retail expert from Mettingen in Nordrhein-Westfalen offer modular systems that can be flexibly attached to the respective room and the sales situation. The manager Carsten Schemberg is convinced that Shop-in-Shop systems will meet the needs of the consumers. “In an uniform trading world, where the shopping streets are very similar, consumers are looking for something new and unique. Due to pedatory competition, it is becoming more and more important to see how retailers present themselves at the point of sale.”

A good Shop-in-Shop design expresses the story of the brand and transform it into an authentic concept. It becomes really efficient when retailer and shop designer work together.

Adaptable systems for optimal spill-over

Shop-in-Shop systems should integrate well in the appearance of the shop and should not be structurally too delimited. “In the worst case, a Shop-in-Shop System can lead to the loss of identity of the star, as seen for example in the cosmetics departments of many department stores.

The customers will lose orientation. Not every brand is strong enough to attract customers perfectly. In the best case, spill-offer-effects are achieved in both directions with a Shop-in-Shop System.

We always develop our shop-in-Shop concepts together with the customers. Even if our goal is to make the brand clear, we always take the different market environments such as department stores, food markets, DIY Stores, perfumeries or sports stores into account.

A good example of a successful shop-in-shop system is the "Riese & Müller Shop" planned and realized by Schemberg in the bike store Zweirad Stenger in Hösbach, Germany. Due to the chosen material - untreated wood - and the arrangement of the furniture and the bikes in front of a landscape shot - an authentic, three-dimensional off-road scene that makes the claim of the brand "Open Spaces" come alive and attract attention from far away is created. For Schemberg, however, it is not done with the installation of the shop. "Important for the right staging of the goods is also the training of the sales staff", Schemberg warns and adds: "As the trade is constantly changing, it makes sense to constantly re-stage the brand as well as renewing Shop-in-Shop furniture at certain intervals.

More space, more value

Even the developed and manufactured shop-in-shop systems for the shaver manufacturer Braun show how an independent brand world can be integrated into a trading market without destroying the character. “We also have taken special emphasis on high quality and a pleasing design language in the furniture to emphasize the quality of the products.”, says Becher.

Source: display June/July 2019

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