Youth Development By SCHEMBERG

SCHEMBERG is the largest training company for carpenters in Kreis Steinfurt and inspires the new generation over and over again. In cooperation with the Start-up " start local " of the Ibbenbürener Volkszeitung, two videos about the apprenticeships Industrial business management clerk and Carpenter have been filmed and presented.

 Interested junior workers get a detailed glimpse of the training professions at SCHEMBERG. The apprentices were filmed at their daily work and explain information about their jobs briefly, e.g. the period and process of training, professional activities and the characteristics of the training.

 A fantastic and overall positive feedback came back from all departments. The management board, workers from production and administration, trainees and potential young workers draw a positive project conclusion.

“An old shop fitting wisdom says – shopfitting is a lot, but never boring. The videos demonstrate this in a perfect way. It is great to get a detailed glimpse at the jobs and to experience the course of the training, the activities and processes in such a precise, visual way awakens so much more enthusiasm for a job – a written job advertisement cannot keep up.”


"Start Local" is a project by trainees for trainees. The trainees and young employees of the IVZ have brought to life the training portal to bring local enterprises and suitable trainees together.

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